The most complete recruiting event platform

Talentspace's virtual & hybrid career event platform will transform your recruiting activities. Through our platform, employers can connect, engage with, and hire top talents, making it the most complete event solution on the market. The world's leading institutions and companies use Talentspace to conduct their recruiting activities, from large hybrid career fairs to small online networking events.

Create an interactive virtual or hybrid experience

With Talentspace, you can offer participants and employers an engaging virtual & hybrid event experience through our integrated high-quality video formats. Whether you are looking to host presentations and workshops, conduct interviews, or searching for an online version to the physical career stand, this is just a click away on Talentspace.

Connect employers and jobseekers

Hosting virtual or hybrid events on Talentspace is the easiest and most effective way for employers to connect, engage with, and hire jobseekers. The platform enables employers to give insights into their organization, leverage the database to screen potential candidates, and then engage with them through a variety of live video formats during the event. Hiring has never been more efficient, accessible, and diverse.

Start to finish from a single, customizable mold

Gone are the days of using and downloading multiple applications and tools to execute your events. Talentspace's integrated event management solution encompasses all steps: from the set-up of the event, automated landing pages, customizable registration flows, intuitive dashboards, integrated interview scheduling and signup processes, to post-event analytics. Think: one tool, unlimited possibilities.

Track every outcome

The built-in dashboards on Talentspace give you unparalleled analytics on your event performance - from registration numbers, to real-time engagement metrics and post-event analytics. Clue in on what works best for you and get custom reports for every employer and participant.

And so much more...

Multiple speakers
Host video formats with up to ten speakers.
Screen share and PDF upload
Employers can present slides by sharing screens or uploading PDFs.
Employer management
Invite and manage employers and define participation details.
Q&A section
Employers can answer questions posted by participants in real-time.
Event management
Independently manage all aspects of your event end-to-end.
Live participant management
Employers can grant and revoke camera and microphone access to participants.
Landing page
Automatically generate a customized landing page for your event.
Live chat
Employers can engage with participants via chat in real-time.
Employer branding
Employers can upload and share videos, photos, FAQs, and more.

One platform.
Unlimited use cases.

Talentspace's virtual & hybrid event platform is designed to deliver an amazing employer and participant experience. Tailor the Talentspace platform to meet your event needs, the options and variety are endless.

Virtual & Hybrid Career Fairs
On-Campus Recruiting Events
In-House Recruiting Events
Roundtables & Panels
Employer Presentations & Workshops
Coffee Chats & Networking Events

Who is Talentspace made for?

Colleges & Universities
Host virtual & hybrid career fairs, facilitate student or alumni networking, or digitize your admission and orientation processes.
Create interactive hiring opportunities with experienced hires, for campus or internal recruiting, and everything in between.
Associations & Groups
Offer members networking and professional development opportunities by hosting a virtual or hybrid career event.

What differentiates Talentspace

One platform for everything
Host all your activities on a single platform. No matter the lineup, type, or size of event you're running, Talentspace gives you full flexibility to achieve your desired event.
Self-serve Platform
As a self-service platform, you have full control of the event management process. Combined with top-notch customer support, creating an event is easy and completed within minutes.
No downloads or third-party tools needed
Completely browser-based, the Talentspace platform does not require any downloads or third-party tools to run your events.
Designed to provide the most engaging and seamless event experience possible, our intuitive and easy-to-use platform takes you from newbie to pro in just a few minutes.
Made in
Designed and developed in Germany, Talentspace adheres to the highest standards of data security and privacy. Plus, we are fully GDPR compliant.
Adaptable for all audiences
Talentspace is built for every type of audience - you can run invite-only events, events that are only open for your community, public events, and anything in-between.

Discover how Talentspace can provide the best experience to your organization.