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Anna’s Journey to TikTok

A self-proclaimed music nerd, Anna is a sociologist by education and has worn several hats in the music industry. Starting out as a music promoter for Polish bands breaking into the UK music scene, she organized events to promote collaboration across the British and Polish music industry. Interested by the influence new technologies had on the music industry, she then joined YouTube. After observing how TikTok was starting to impact her industry, she decided that this was the place to be.

For The Love Of Music

Anna’s job is to look after the music content on the app, which includes the editorial pieces that are available on the sound page. She also collaborates with other teams on hashtag challenges that promote artists and their new releases. She’s recently worked with a French artist to increase his presence on the app. Through close cooperation with the artist and his management, his account went from zero to thousands of fans in just under a week. For Anna, this is just a taste of what TikTok can achieve in the future.

“Everybody is so talented and comes from such fantastic backgrounds. You're pretty much learning every day from your colleagues.”
“Although we're a global company in terms of the number of employees, the culture is still very much “startup-y”. People are thinking 'day 1'  all the time and are ready to restart with a 'let’s do it again, in another way' attitude if something’s not working."

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Community Manager

Joanna speaks with TikTok’s top creators every day to support their growth and give them the best opportunities on the platform.

Director of Partnerships

Inam manages and oversees TikTok’s partnership team which helps brands understand and build a presence on the platform.