Netlight is an independent tech consultancy with offices in Germany, Switzerland and the Nordics. Since its founding in the middle of the digital revolution in 1999,  Netlight has been a reliable partner providing high-quality IT consulting services for multiple players in the digital industry. Today, the company employs more than 1300+ individuals who create valuable results for their clients.
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Meet Netlight Employees

Sara Frisk

Agile Coach/Product Owner

As a certified Scrum master and with her background as a developer, Sara works with engineers to develop software to solve her clients’ needs.
Alexander Ernst

Full Stack Developer

As a full stack developer, Alexander works together with his clients' teams to develop complex A/B tests to get a comprehensive understanding of the user's needs.
Jan Carsten Lohmüller

Backend/DevOps Engineer

Jan Carsten drives knowledge sharing at his clients' teams to deliver sustainable long-term solutions that are catered to their needs.
Mina Kleid

Mobile Developer/Product Owner

Mina works with his clients to develop software that solves their technical problems in a creative way, leveraging his experience in building native iOS and Android mobile applications, web applications and services.


A Different Kind of Consultancy 

Netlight’s immersive approach of situating their consultants on-site as full-fledged team members allows them to tackle each clients’ specific business-critical challenges. Taking on a range of roles from Software Developer, UX Designer to Agile Coach to realise cutting-edge solutions, Netlighters work in close collaboration with their clients. While on-site, they continue to access the vast knowledge of the company’s 1300+-strong employee network through the company-wide Slack channel and a culture of knowledge sharing.

Collaborative Atmosphere

Completely rethinking what leadership means, Netlighters are not structured around hierarchies, instead, they believe in self-management principles. Inclusiveness, diversity, and trust are the cornerstones of this living culture that all Netlighters contribute to. Defined by taking charge and acting accordingly, employees lead projects through their own initiatives, collaborating with colleagues to form project teams to better their ideas. Netlighters are not only leaders but followers as well, working together to harness their expertise to achieve more successful outcomes that drive Netlight forward. 

Growing People

Professional development opportunities are catered to each individual at Netlight, supported by an open feedback culture that is crucial for all individuals to become the best version of themselves. Employees are assigned a mentor from their first day, actively seeking out opportunities for growth in relevant projects, skills or technologies. On top of that, a delivery coach provides technical assistance in each project. A knowledge sharing and learning atmosphere is instilled through hosting events and making use of the company’s cross-office knowledge hub.

Coming Together

From hackathons to after-work events, Netlighters come together to exchange knowledge and learnings gathered over the course of their projects. These informal events help create an enjoyable atmosphere of collaborative problem-solving where team members bounce ideas off one another. An all-time favorite is the company retreat to a secret destination (only revealed upon arrival) which brings teams from all over Europe together to foster more knowledge sharing between the offices, and to rejuvenate through workshops and parties.