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Robert Stoecker

Business Development Manager
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"Everyone is eager to not only go the extra mile but to help everyone learn, integrate new employees and also have a good time together."

Learning And Working With The Founders

Unlike most business development roles, Robert and his team do not focus on sales. Instead, he works closely with the founders on strategic projects to directly further the growth of FreightHub. Most recently, he was involved in the company’s successful Series B funding. From building the pitch deck to supporting the due diligence process, all of which played a vital role in securing the company’s $30m funding and the support of international investors. Despite starting at FreightHub right out of university, he’s been afforded the opportunity to work with experienced founders who provide personal feedback and great learning points, propelling his professional and personal development.

A Day In The Life Of Robert

Every morning starts with breakfast in the kitchen and chatting with colleagues. After which Robert spends the time before lunch checking emails and crossing off his to-dos as most meetings are held in the afternoon. His tasks are focused on optimizing internal processes, managing projects and working on new services and products. Come Friday, everyone’s in a good mood in anticipation for the weekend which is wrapped up with 10x Fridays and the real crowd-pleaser: beer and pizza.

"Even if you only just started, you get a lot of responsibility right away which allows you to grow not only personally but also professionally. This responsibility is something you do not get in a corporate or larger company."

Meet FreightHub Employees

Georg Graf

Product Designer

Georg collaborates with customers and Product Managers to translate problems they face into intuitive designs and workflows for the company.
Marie Regge

Operational Excellence Intern

Marie manages customers’ shipments by walking them through the process from beginning to end, that means booking their shipments and handling all the necessary documents.