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Georg Graf

Product Designer
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“What surprised me most about FreightHub was that a bunch of such young people can actually be so motivated and driven. This also influenced how I felt about myself and what’s possible.”
- Georg

Georg's Journey

After graduating from Computer Science at FU Berlin, Georg worked at a research institute creating conferencing systems and then progressed to a journalism startup as a front-end developer. He joined FreightHub after being personally contacted by its CTO, Erik, who saw his GitHub profile and code. Since joining the company, he’s still focused on constantly improving himself and his skills, allowing him to transition from an engineer to a designer role. Through working on personal projects like redesigning and creating apps, he has demonstrated his passion and taught himself tools needed for the technical aspect of this new position.

Growing In Tandem

As FreightHub’s first engineer, Georg has been given the opportunity to grow tremendously in a very short amount of time and develop alongside the company. Despite having started in a fairly junior position as a front end developer, he closely collaborated with FreightHub’s CTO, Erik, and had the responsibility to make design decisions for the company early on. As FreightHub grew over the last three years, so has Georg. Moving into a full-stack engineer position and subsequently becoming a Team Lead in his department where he had the opportunity to develop his managerial skills. Always itching to challenge himself in different fields and expand his knowledge, Georg recently moved to the Product Design team.

"This is a place where you can grow the most in a very short amount of time. Many colleagues (myself included) who started in very junior roles got up very fast to senior positions."
- Georg

Meet FreightHub Employees

Robert Stoecker

Business Development Manager

Robert optimises internal processes, manages projects, and works on new services and products for teams in other departments that are offered to customers thereafter.
Marie Regge

Operational Excellence Intern

Marie manages customers’ shipments by walking them through the process from beginning to end, that means booking their shipments and handling all the necessary documents.