fliit is on a mission to transform food logistics. Whereas other industries have embraced digitization and modernization, logistics has lagged behind. fliit is changing this by creating a digital platform that enables food companies to transport their goods from point to point in the easiest way possible. It does this by connecting a network of specialized carriers with food companies and allowing the process to be managed and controlled through the central apps it has built. The result is a more efficient, transparent and stress-free experience that allows its partners to compete with the big companies in the industry.
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Berlin, Germany
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Meet fliit Employees

Jan Fink

Head of Sales

Jan is part of the engine that drives the revenue and growth of fliit by attracting new customers and pushing the expansion into new markets.
Nataliia Pleshkan 

Financial Analyst

Nataliia is the first contact regarding the financial performance of the company and is always on hand to help with any ad hoc analysis that the company needs.
Sergey Kruk

Lead Software Engineer 

Sergey leads the programming team, using his tech expertise to improve the app functionality and internal processes, thereby boosting fliit's operational capacity.

Chief Doggo Officer

Bumbu makes sure hoomans at fliit are kept happy and engaged.


Bringing Food Logistics Into the 21st Century

Food logistics has a reputation for being an old school industry, but fliit is changing that with their mission to become the first platform that truly digitizes the logistics process. While fliit doesn’t own any trucks or warehouses, it is using technology to optimise processes, thereby increasing capacity and quality of service. 

Playing The Champions League of Logistics

Comprised of self-described “logistic nerds” who are fully responsible for handling all of the operations and logistics, fliit is so much more than just a transactional marketplace. The work they do has a real and tangible impact on the experience of all of their partners. Food is the most complex area within logistics, as if goods don’t remain fresh then the consequences are disastrous. The optimisation of the carrier network has a knock-on environmental impact too. By ensuring that trucks are loaded to full capacity, and thereby reducing the number of trucks on the road, carbon emissions are being reduced. 

Transparent In Spirit And Practice

fliit prides itself on its youthful startup spirit, and this manifests in the way the company communicates and operates. Team members across the company are transparent and direct, and the founders always take time to talk with everyone and to make themselves available. This approachability and openness is embodied in the whole team, and everyone is there to listen to and help with any questions. At the regular all-hands meetings, the entire team gathers together to discuss all matters related to the business and the direction it is taking. 

Growth On All Fronts

After four years in Kreuzberg, fliit recently outgrew its office and decided to upgrade to a new, larger complex in Wedding, but that isn't the only thing that is expanding. With backing from industry heavyweight Maersk, fliit has been further accelerating the move into new markets. Benelux is the latest territory to be taken on, and the future plan is to continue growth throughout Europe before going worldwide. As the company grows, so do the opportunities for professional and personal development within fliit.

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