Casper was created to re-imagine sleep from the ground up, beginning with its obsessively engineered, outrageously comfortable mattress. All of Casper’s sleep products — including its pillow, bedding, and furniture — are developed in-house by the company’s award-winning R&D team in San Francisco. Casper was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and is one of the fastest growing companies of all times.
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New York City, United States
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Meet Casper Employees


Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Joshua represents Casper’s brand by providing his customers with support and managing relationships throughout the inquiry, order, and delivery process.

Business Development Manager

Felicitas devises strategies to grow Casper’s brand presence from organizing its offline retail expansion, managing Casper’s PR to establishing B2B partnerships. 


As a copywriter for the DACH region, Theresa translates Casper’s unique brand voice and creates content for the German-speaking markets.


The Global Sleep Company

Casper has gone from changing the way people shop for mattresses to creating a cultural movement around sleep. With a third of our lives spent sleeping, Casper understands the benefits of good sleep, championing sleep as a foundation of health. From producing a podcast to unravel the mysteries of the dream world to building “The Dreamery”, a nap boutique in New York where visitors get some shut-eye in beautifully decked out nap pods, they are on a mission to better the world, one nap at a time. 

At The Forefront Of Innovation

All of Casper’s carefully engineered products can be traced back to the San Francisco research lab where its R&D team develops cutting edge sleep innovation. This culture of challenging the status quo can be found throughout the company, down to creating ingenious events through the use of Experiential Marketing. The Sleep Tour showcases just that, caravans outfitted with Casper beds cruised into Europe’s festival circuits and city centers to offer sleep-hungry dwellers respite on wheels.

The Best Bits

Staying true to its mission, Casper offers its employees some of the best perks, from catered lunches twice a week, team events to its dog-friendly working environment (dedicated dog Slack channel included). The crowning glory is the annual Allhands event, where all teams are flown to New York for a week-long event. The cherry on the cake is the legendary parties hosted in some of New York’s finest locations such as the Brooklyn Museum or on top of the World Trade Center.

For The Restful

Sleep advocacy lies at the heart of Casper, and with a workforce of sleep lovers, it is only natural that offices are sleep-reserves for employees. All new team members are welcomed with a complete set of Casper products. And it does not end there, offices are furnished with sleep pods for employees to enjoy a quick afternoon nap or to take a break from working at their desks. Sleep does not discriminate, even the four-legged team members are pampered with their very own Casper Dog Beds. 

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