Headquartered in Berlin, Axel Springer is Europe’s leading digital publisher. Always ahead of the curve, their move from the analog to the digital sphere has resulted in 70% of their total revenues being generated by digital businesses in less than a decade. The company operates more than 250 brands, ranging from Europe’s best-selling newspaper BILD to online powerhouse Business Insider, and has invested in numerous high-profile technology companies, such as Airbnb and Uber.
Headquartered in
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Berlin, Germany
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Insights Into Axel Springer

Marcel Wontorra

Investment Associate

Marcel oversees portfolio management and traditional investment management to acquire and sell companies for Axel Springer.
Christoph Röttgen

Team Lead Pricing & Monetization

Christoph and his team support Axel Springer's portfolio companies with pricing and monetization strategies.
Friederike Baumgartner

Senior Investment Analyst

Friederike investigates new investment opportunities for Axel Springer and evaluates current portfolio investments to improve performance.


Pioneering Digital Transformation

Axel Springer is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the news media industry, having moved early on from print media to being a technology-driven company. They’ve reinvented the perception of a traditional publishing house to introduce new business models and invest into digital businesses to stay relevant and sustainable in today’s market. Today 70% of the company’s revenue is generated by their digital brands, succeeding in what most publishers struggle with.

Unlimited Opportunities

With over 16.000 employees in 40 countries and more than 250 brands under their belt, there’s bound to be something for every individual at Axel Springer. This abundance and diversity opens up an array of opportunities for employees. They have the chance to work in the company’s many different segments, functions or locations in the Axel Springer universe across the globe. A great way to experience the various facets of the company is through the 18 month Trainee Program which offers cross-divisional training, regular networking events, and a mentoring program.

Empowering Free Decisions

Central to Axel Springer is their core value to empower and help people make free decisions in society, from socio-political issues to personal life decisions. The company strives to provide quality journalism and transparency in its news media publications as well as for everyday needs (housing and jobs) through its classified media portals. This fuels a workforce in both the journalistic and digital subsidiaries that’s open, hungry for change and innovative.

People Driven

The people at Axel Springer are characterized by their curiosity and motivation to generate and implement ideas, and really take ownership of what they do. Regardless of team, unit or location, entrepreneurship and innovation are valued traits of the  employees wanting to enact change in a usually conservative industry,  create large-scale impact through their work and push Axel Springer’s values forward.