Business Development
There are many ways by which you can best position a company for maximum growth, and business development looks at all of them. It’s a broad field that includes everything from increasing revenues through sales to overseeing the business expansion and making strategic business decisions. 
At its core, marketing is the engine that generates interest in products and services. It’s an incredibly dynamic, diverse field that offers positions for people of all types. Whether you're fiercely creative or have a more analytical mindset, marketing has a space for you.
Product Management
Requiring a blend of technical knowledge, organisational and interpersonal skills, product management is the driving force behind building products and services that positively impact people's lives.
Software Engineering
In a world increasingly being dominated by technology, software engineers use their creativity and knowledge to design and build digital products and services. Whether you prefer working on the front-end or the backend, you have the opportunity to shape the future.
Venture Capital
Always on the lookout for the next Google or Facebook, venture capital is the fuel for innovation. Venture Capitalists discover, analyse and support startups and have the unique opportunity to propel entrepreneurs to grow their business.