B2B ResourcesWhy Virtual Career Fairs Matter In Hiring Top Talents
Virtual career fairs are becoming the status quo during these tumultuous times. Find out why this is the go-to channel for career exploration for top millennial talents.
Online Recruiting Event Best PracticesHow To Make The Most Of An Online Career Event as an Employer
Just registering for an online career event and then showing up on the day won't help you hire the top talent. Here’s a detailed rundown of all the steps you need to take to maximize your next virtual recruitment event.
B2B Resources9 Stats to Explain Why You Need a Different Recruiting Strategy For Top Talents
If you’re still using the same recruiting strategies from five years ago, you’re way behind in the game. Don’t believe us? Read on to better understand what top millennial talents are expecting from you and recruiting process.
B2B ResourcesHow to Seal the Deal and Hire Top Talents
So much can happen between extending an offer and securing your next top talent hire. Remove all other mitigating factors to ensure that your company is the last one standing in the recruitment hunt.
B2B ResourcesWhy Top Talents Decline Your Job Offer
You know the feeling: you interview top talents, extend an offer to the best candidate, only to be rejected by them. What went wrong, and more importantly, how can you prevent this from happening?
Top Talent InsightsWhat Do Top Talents Expect From The Onboarding Experience
The first step in ensuring your new hire’s seamless transition into their role - a well-thought out and efficient onboarding process. Pro tip: It neither starts nor ends on day one.
Top Talent InsightsThe Trial Period With Top Talents: Do We Have Match?
Let’s be honest, some people can ace an interview and completely flop on the job. Trial Period to the rescue! Here’s how to suss out if you’ve got the right talent.
Top Talent InsightsWhat Do Top Talents Actually Want From Work?
If you want top talents, you’ve got to think like them. Here’s everything you need to know about attracting these millennial go-getters.
Top Talent InsightsReasons For Demotivation Of Top Talents. And How To Fix Them.
Are you noticing a dip in the morale of your top talents at work? Get to the root of the problem before you lose one of your most valuable assets.
Top Talent InsightsHow To Retain Top Talents
Congrats, you've managed to beat out the competition to clinch the best top talent for your company. Now's the hard part, keeping them at your firm, and here's what you need to do.

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