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Alexander Ernst

Full Stack Developer
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“When I chose to go to Netlight, it was really a decision based on the people”

The Draw Of Netlight

While studying at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Alexander participated at the Berlin Talent Summit where he met Netlight during their immersive in-office workshop, leaving him thoroughly impressed. Despite having another job offer he chose Netlight because of the people. The expertise and knowledge sharing he witnessed at the workshop showcased the range of opportunities he would have to learn from fellow Netlighters.

Taking Ownership

Netlight has afforded and encouraged Alexander to take ownership of his work and career development. Working in a scrum team on his current project, he shapes the product in the way he would like it to develop. So when Alexander wanted a greater user-focus, he headed out to talk to users. He stirs his professional development under the careful guidance of his mentor to select projects that would give him the best platform for growth.

“When the whole team comes together, it just feels like it’s meant to be”

Meet Netlight Employees

Sara Frisk

Agile Coach/Product Owner

As a certified Scrum master and with her background as a developer, Sara works with engineers to develop software to solve her clients’ needs.
Jan Carsten Lohmüller

Backend/DevOps Engineer

Jan Carsten drives knowledge sharing at his clients' teams to deliver sustainable long-term solutions that are catered to their needs.
Mina Kleid

Mobile Developer/Product Owner

Mina works with his clients to develop software that solves their technical problems in a creative way, leveraging his experience in building native iOS and Android mobile applications, web applications and services.

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    IT Consultant

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