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Marie Regge

Operational Excellence Intern
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"I really look forward to working every day because it's really fun. I enjoy the work I do and enjoy being with my team while working together."
- Marie

The Draw Of Freighthub

Working with a motivated and energized team, composed of young people who love what they do inspires Marie at her job daily. Her favourite company value is “We are One”, something she felt strongly the moment she stepped into Freighthub. Her friendly and helpful colleagues offered assistance and answered all her questions when she first started, providing a warm welcome and easy orientation into her position.

Marie's Story

Marie grew up in her family’s logistics business, studied logistics and now uses her knowledge in the field to help Freighthub’s customers. A natural people-person, she enjoys working with customers and supporting them on a daily basis. Working at Freighthub has enabled her to bring in her expertise to better inform her customers about the industry, the product and the company. For which, they are appreciative of, making her job and time at Freighthub a very fulfilling one.

"You learn something new at FreightHub every day and are surrounded by colleagues who are always there to support and guide you."

Meet FreightHub Employees

Robert Stoecker

Business Development Manager

Robert optimises internal processes, manages projects, and works on new services and products for teams in other departments that are offered to customers thereafter.
Georg Graf

Product Designer

Georg collaborates with customers and Product Managers to translate problems they face into intuitive designs and workflows for the company.