How Do I Start My Career?
When you're right at the start of your career, trying to decide which path to pursue can be challenging. We walk you through the thought processes to follow when trying to work out if you want to join a startup, a corporate, launch your own business, or do something else entirely.
Startup vs. Established Company: Which one is right for me?
At the very beginning of your career, whether you opt to join an early-stage startup or a more established company is a very important decision point. We present the questions you need to ask yourself to figure out which one will work for you.
How Do I Find And Join The Right Startup?
Once you have decided that the startup life is for you, you need to work out exactly what kind of startup will work for you. An early-stage company is very different from one that has received multiple funding rounds, and no two teams are exactly alike. We reveal how to select the ideal startup.
How Can I Be Successful In Different Environments?
A startup environment and the environment of a consultancy are very different. This means that what might work in one scenario won’t necessarily work in the other. To help you understand how to excel in either case, we’ve listed some of the key traits for you to develop.
Which City Should I Start My Career In?
Do you like the idea of carving out a place for yourself in Berlin, the startup capital of Europe? Or perhaps you like the idea of basking in the Barcelona sunshine during your time off. Or maybe you want to get stuck into the burgeoning startup culture in Lisbon. Explore our features to help find your place in the world.