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With LinkedIn becoming the to-go platform for 90% of recruiters today, how you individualise your LinkedIn profile is going to help you stand out in a sea of about 610 million users.

Here are 10 easy things you can do today to spruce up your LinkedIn account to get recruiters hooked and your connection requests accepted.

1. Put the “pro” in profile picture

Say it with me now: professional and approachable. That’s what you want to convey with your profile picture, which should only include you. The background should not be too busy/colourful, and ensure that the resolution is of good quality. 

2. Draw people in with a captivating introduction/bio

Write a killer description to capture the attention of whoever’s viewing your profile. It should sum up who you are and the skills you possess that complement your employment history or career goals.

3. Go public

Having a private profile defeats the purpose of using LinkedIn as a professional social network, especially if you’re looking for a job. Going public with your account allows you to pop up in searches, and recruiters can also view your profile.

4. Update your current location

This should be as up-to-date as possible at all times as it’s going to increase the chances of your profile surfacing on relevant searches.

5. Customised URL

It’s a really simple way to stand out with just a few clicks of a button.

6. Make your email address available

Include your personal email address in your contact information. Most people don’t have a premium account and can’t send you an InMail so give them another way to reach out to you.

7. List the right skills

Be strategic about the skills you list in your profile. Having 20 different skills isn’t a strength, and can come off as a desperate attempt to seem qualified. Almost everyone is skilled in Microsoft Office these days, so focus on skills that are important for the jobs you’re interested in or ones that would solidify your application for jobs you’re applying to.

8. Get your skills endorsed

Once you’ve listed your skills, get friends/coworkers/people you’ve worked with before to endorse these skills. 

9. Contextualize your job

With most people having fancy job titles that give little understanding of what their job actually entails, use your job description as an opportunity to give more insight and context into what you do. Details such as area of focus, (leadership) responsibilities, projects and accomplishments help build a better picture of your skills and potential.

10. Ask for recommendations

This may take longer than one day but getting colleagues/managers you’ve worked with to write you a review is a great way to legitimise your abilities. Ideally, you’d get one recommendation for each job you’ve held so far. If you had a good working relationship with your (ex)-boss, reach out to them and ask for a recommendation.

Natalina Pereira
Senior Operations Manager | TalentSpace

Natalina shares advice and best practices gained from working with our community of incredible talents and collaborating with recruiters from our partner companies on a day-to-day basis.