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Your performance review is not just to get feedback from your manager about the work you’ve been doing, it’s also an opportunity for you to display your drive and commitment to your job and professional development. Instead of taking a backseat, go in with a strategy and wow your boss. Here are suggestions on topics you should broach:

1. Areas of improvement

A no-brainer but how you approach the topic matters. No one’s perfect, you’ve probably had a reasonably shaky start to your new job or have made some mistakes. Hopefully, you’ve learned from that and have developed skills and know-how since. Highlight your personal growth and what other areas you’d like to improve on to showcase your self-awareness and drive.

2. Upcoming goals and targets

Before your review, set personal goals and targets for the next six months and year, and communicate them to your boss in the meeting. On top of that, proactively ask him/her what milestones you’d need to achieve in order to excel in your position.

3. Seeking out more avenues for feedback

Worked on projects with managers in different teams? Ask your boss if you could approach them for more feedback. It shows initiative and interest in improving yourself. 

4. Plan your next review session(s)

Other than scheduling your next performance review session, suggest regular check-in meetings, like a fortnightly 1-on-1, with your manager to track your progress and share feedback. It’s a great way for both managers and employees to keep lines of communication open, work on improvements, and develop a cohesive team.

5. Raise/promotion

This is a tricky one. Asking for a raise or promotion after less than one year on the job can be rather presumptuous. Unless you’ve been taking on far more responsibility than stated in your job description and delivering quality work each time, it’s best to wait this out. 

It’s important to be self-aware and evaluate your work objectively before going into your performance review. Preparation is key, so start planning points for discussion and issues you’d like to raise a few weeks before and go through them with a trusted colleague or friend.

Jason Reich
Co-Founder | TalentSpace

Jason is a co-founder of TalentSpace, where he keeps himself up at night thinking of new and innovative ways to make recruiting an enjoyable and fruitful experience for everyone. He's worked on the international expansion of US-startups, Casper and HotelTonight (acquired by Airbnb), and was also on the Value Creation team of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's VC, Innovation Endeavors. He graduated from Bocconi University.