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Berlin is widely regarded as the startup capital of Europe. This means that exciting new companies spring up regularly and more established companies keep growing. Here is our rundown of the hottest places currently hiring in the city.

If you haven’t heard of Pitch yet, we promise that will change soon. The eight co-founders previously built Wunderlist, the cloud-based task management app that was a runaway success. 

Where Wunderlist took on the domain of organisation, Pitch is taking aim at the world of presentations. Their ultimate target is Powerpoint, and founder Christian Reber believes that Pitch can revolutionise the way we give presentations in the same way that Slack transformed our relationship with email. The app hasn’t even been officially released, and yet the company has already received €27m in investment. 

They’re currently on the lookout for Engineers, with the option to work from their Berlin office or to work remotely.

TIER Mobility
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past number of months, you’ll be aware of the boom in e-scooters in cities across the world. The arrival of the scooters is usually accompanied by strong opinions, but there is no denying that as a form of transport they are cleaner than cars and infinitely better for inner-city congestion. In Europe (and in particular Germany), the leading provider of this micro-mobility solution is TIER. They operate in more than 40 cities across 12 markets worldwide. 

Headquartered in Berlin, they are currently looking for an Operations Manager among a host of open positions across several departments.

Disclaimer alert: one of our team members is currently undergoing a treatment plan with DrSmile and they swear by the process. To straighten crooked teeth, you first get a scan and then embark on a plan where you wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day, changing them every two weeks to progressively move your teeth into the desired place. It’s a growth industry, and you don’t need to be a dentist to get involved. 

Join the DrSmile team as a Senior Front-End Engineer in Berlin. Added bonus: meet them in person at our upcoming Berlin Talent Day

EyeEm has been a poster child of the Berlin startup scene since their founding in 2010. Now almost a decade on, we can consider them to be a firmly established company. They have developed a global photography community and marketplace to provide a truly valuable platform for creators and brands. With their cutting-edge technology, they’ve not only empowered their community of 20 million creatives, but have also given brands more access to them.

If product design is your thing, they have an opening for a Senior Product Designer as well as some other exciting positions.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub
The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is the leading digitization unit of the Lufthansa Group and the interface of the world's largest airline group to the Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystems worldwide. Its mission is to create and capture value beyond flying. The team has built up a wide range of capabilities, that allows them to find the right answer to specific opportunities they see in the market: they build and validate new digital business models, initiate partnerships with startups and support Lufthansa Group with investments in relevant tech players. 

Team TalentSpace

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