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It might be getting colder in Berlin, but the startup scene is still hot. Here’s our pick of the top companies currently hiring new talent. 


The growth of Airbnb since their founding in 2008 is one of the biggest business success stories of recent times. The year-on-year increase in the number of visitors using the platform has been astronomical, and as of October 2019, an estimated two million people stay with Airbnb each night. The company has also begun to expand their offerings, with Airbnb Experiences being a cool new way for people to get to know new cities through a uniquely local perspective.

There’s currently a job opening for Head of Northern Europe for HotelTonight, a recent acquisition by Airbnb.


Established in Berlin back in 2013, Raisin has rapidly grown in this time to become one of Europe’s most successful financial services companies. Its goal is to provide savers with the best interest rates. Raisin is now active in more than 30 countries, has over 215,000 customers, and to date, has more than €17 billion of assets invested. 

If working in fintech ticks your boxes then maybe you want to apply for their Senior UX Designer position.


Buying a secondhand car can be a minefield. You’re never quite sure what you are getting, and the whole process can be fraught and challenging. heycar aim to eliminate the stress of it all and make it simple and pain free. First off, it only sells cars that are less than eight years old with no more than 150,000km of mileage. On top of this, each car is checked by the dealer to make sure the most important parts are all functioning correctly. Finally, every car comes with a guarantee. Nice.

They’re currently looking for a Frontend Engineer as well as a number of other positions.


This Berlin-based company was set up back in 2011 with the goal of offering radiology as a service. It means that people who need imaging diagnostics no longer need to own the equipment themselves, but instead can use medneo’s “pay-per-use” service model. The innovative approach has led to expansion of the company from their headquarters in Berlin to more than 15 other locations across Germany,

Does working in diagnostics on demand appeal to you? The company is currently looking for a UX Expert at their Berlin location.


If you’re not a fan of the short-form mobile video app TikTok, then it probably means you just haven’t downloaded it yet. The app is a veritable breeding ground for creativity, and the videos the community produces can be comedic, inspiring, entertaining and more. Once you start scrolling, you just want to keep going. It was the most downloaded app in the U.S. in 2018 and has exceeded one billion downloads globally.

There are a number of open positions at the Berlin office. Maybe being a Content Strategist appeals to you?

You can meet representatives from Airbnb, heycar, Raising and medneo at the upcoming Berlin Talent Day. The event will give you the chance to learn more about your potential new teammates and workplace. Apply here.

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