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“Startup Nation”, Israel has rightfully earned her nickname with the largest number of startups per capita; one startup per 1,400 people. The country has long been a breeding ground for tech companies, in fact, Intel set up its first R&D plant outside the US in the early 1970s. 

The healthcare sector, as with many other industries, has benefited from technological advancements. Forward-thinking Israeli startups have eased and sped up processes, improved diagnostics, and some have even turned our smartphones into portable detection devices. We zoom in on five health tech startups in Israel that are doing just that.  

1. Aidoc

As the leading full-body imaging AI software, Aidoc’s products help detect and pinpoint critical anomalies for radiologists through deep learning and AI algorithms that analyze medical images and patient data. As a result, they help ease up the work list and free up time and attention to what matters - saving lives. Aidoc was built by a team of deep learning experts & practicing radiologists, aimed at tackling the real technological challenges of medical imaging analysis. 

Raised: $41.5M 
Investors: Magma Venture Partners, Square Peg Capital, TLV Partners

2. Sight

Sight Diagnostics aims to improve health through faster and pain-free blood testing. Sight’s method, developed over a decade of research, represents a major advancement in diagnostic technology. Their desktop Olo system (that’s just the size of a toaster) can perform “lab-grade” point-of-care complete blood count tests within ten minutes, with no more than a pinprick of blood. Their first product, Parasight, was focused on detecting Malaria and has been sold in 24 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe, with more than 600,000 malaria tests conducted.

Raised:  $52.8M
Investors: Innovation Endeavors, OurCrowd

3. Healthy.io

Founded in 2013, Healthy.io is a pioneer in turning the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade  medical device, offering home urinalysis that’s equivalent to lab-based analysis. Users receive a dipstick home kit aimed at detecting infections, chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related complications. Using Healthy.io’s computer vision algorithms and unique calibration methods, along with the app’s step-by-step guide, users are able to conduct accurate testing with ease.

Raised: $90M
Investors: ALEPH, Samsung NEXT, Corner Ventures, Joy Capital

4. Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar develops safe, mobile, low-cost 4D imaging sensors, enabling applications in the fields of cancer detection. Founded in 2011, Vayyar started with the vision to develop a new modality for breast cancer detection, using radio wave technology to quickly and affordably look into human tissue and detect malignant growths. As the technology matured and evolved, they have expanded it to unleash new capabilities and widen its application scope to countless other markets (robotics, smart homes, automotive and retail).

Raised: $79M
Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Battery Ventures

5. Zebra Medical Vision

Named one of Fast Company’s Top-5 AI and Machine Learning companies, Zebra Medical Vision's AI1 “all-in-one” bundle provides hospitals with a growing amount of AI tools and consistent service and support. The company's AI technology can flag time-critical cases, such as pneumothorax in chest x-rays and brain bleeds in CT scans. This technology reduces the time it takes radiologists and ER staff to spot acute conditions by 80%. This speed, in turn, improves the quality and timeliness of treatment.

Raised: $50M
Investors: Khosla Ventures, Marc Benioff, Dolby Family Ventures

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