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The Compensation

1. Can I afford this?
2. What is the salary range for the role?
3. Are there bonuses/ESOP?

The Role

4. What can I learn?
5. What does success look like in this role, and how will I be measured?
6. What progression do you envision for someone in this role?

The Founders

7. Who are the founders, and do I believe in their vision?
8. Have the founders already successfully built a business?
9. What is the background of the founders?

The Company

10. What are the company’s values?
11. What is the company’s vision?
12. Does the startup already have a brand?

The Product

13. Does the company have found Product-Market-Fit?
14. What is the product vision?
15. What are the next steps in product development?

The Financials

16. What is the current runway, and what are your future funding plans?
17. Who are the investors?
18. What is your long-term exit strategy?

The Industry

19. Is this startup operating in an industry that you are interested in?
20. Is the industry growing/shrinking?
21. How competitive is the industry?

Marco Eylert
Co-Founder | TalentSpace

Marco's a co-founder at TalentSpace, and he previously worked at McKinsey & Company, Roland Berger and Credit Suisse. He graduated from Bocconi University and Johns Hopkins SAIS, where he was a scholar of the Haniel Foundation and the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

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