TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Their mission is to empower and share the world's imagination, knowledge, and moments that matter. The platform is a home for creative expression through videos that create a genuine, inspiring, and joyful experience. TikTok has global offices in cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.
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Meet TikTok Employees


Community Manager

Joanna speaks with TikTok’s top creators every day to support their growth and give them the best opportunities on the platform.

Director of Partnerships

Inam manages and oversees TikTok’s partnership team which helps brands understand and build a presence on the platform.

Music Content Manager

As a Music Content Manager, Anna focuses on promoting artists and their new releases on TikTok.


Ahead Of The Pack

TikTok’s global presence and success finds its roots in the company’s agility and employees who manifest an entrepreneurial mindset. The platform moves in tandem with its creators’ changing interests, that means it’s ‘Always Day 1’ at TikTok - employees act fast and are ready to change course at any given second to provide content that continues to excite and engage users. Although a global company, the absence of rigid structures enables innovation and creativity to flourish, allowing TikTok to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing landscape. 

Powered By Community, Enabled By Technology

To ensure that the content on the app remains exciting and relevant for users, TikTok’s Community Managers spend an extensive amount of time thoroughly gathering user feedback. On the technology front, TikTok's engineers use this feedback to add new features to the app and improve content discovery and recommendation algorithms. By harnessing the newest methods in machine learning, they provide a highly personalized experience for each user. To interact with this personalized content, creators use the intuitive video editing tools to produce short-form videos that they share with their followers. 

Untapped Potential For Growth

TikTok’s fast-paced and energetic culture encourages employees to be their best selves - creating an attractive and authentic working environment for highly motivated and driven individuals. With the company’s unparalleled growth, learning and development opportunities when working across different projects, markets, and functions are endless. Team members push each other to be ambitious within their approach, and are entrusted with responsibilities and encouraged to initiate new projects from the get-go. TikTok is invested in their team’s professional development, making this a place where employees are empowered to make a change and advance their careers.

Diverse And Open Working Culture

Walk into any TikTok office and you’ll see that the employees are a true reflection of TikTok’s global appeal and presence. The people at TikTok come from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and expertise, brought together by their drive to break boundaries and aim for the highest. The belief in the company’s value of being ‘Open & Humble’ is the foundation of their great teamwork and collaboration. Despite being experts in their own fields, everyone comes to the table to learn from each other and ensure that each employee’s voice is heard.

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