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Christine Knobel

Strategic Brand Consultant
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Christine's Journey

Christine’s journey in the company is the perfect example for the development path Sasserath Munzinger Plus aims to build: she entered the company as an intern, growing into a Strategic Brand Consultant within just two years. It was the responsibilities that were afforded to her from her first day as an intern that accelerated her professional development and propelled her to where she is today. The creative atmosphere, diverse projects and experienced colleagues have given Christine a deep understanding and expertise in her field. After just two years in the company, she directly engages with CEOs of client companies to stir her own projects.

"It’s a small company but I feel like I have a million different opportunities to grow. That makes it really interesting and challenging at the same time, and I never feel bored here."

What Christine Does

Christine’s life as a Strategic Brand Consultant centers around brand positioning. These are usually long term projects that require her to dig deep to really get to the heart of the challenges and subsequent goals of her clients. From interviewing customers and employees in the research phase to conducting workshops with employees to figure out the brand positioning, her aim is to pinpoint what each company is good at and where they can improve. Thereafter, Christine uses the current brand perception as an impulse to push towards the new brand vision. This close and long term working relationship with her clients gives Christine the unique chance of seeing the branding journey from conceptualisation to successful implementation.

"I was really surprised that even though SM+ is a small consultancy, we work with big brands and have a great impact."

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