Sasserath Munzinger Plus is a Berlin-based boutique brand consulting firm working with leading brands such as L’Oréal, Telekom, eBay Group, and FC St. Pauli. They shape, change, develop and bring brands to life through brand analysis, research and strategies. From brand conception, controlling as well as implementation, Sasserath Munzinger Plus harnesses content and social media to create unique brand experiences.
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Meet Sasserath Munzinger Plus Employees

Christine Knobel

Strategic Brand Consultant

Christine helps her clients to strategically analyze their brand, find their brand value & reposition it accordingly.
Michelle Hecker

Brand Consulting Intern

As a Brand Consulting intern, Michelle’s research enables her colleagues to develop the right marketing and brand strategy for their clients.
Elsa Sonntag

Content Marketing Manager

Elsa develops content and social media strategies for her clients, which includes producing content and maintaining social media channels.


Small Consultancy With A Huge Impact

With just 30 people making up the Berlin office, you’d be surprised to find that Sasserath Munzinger Plus works with some of the most famous corporations and iconic brands in Germany. This is a boutique consultancy with a huge impact, driven forward by a highly motivated team that is passionate about their clients and dedicated to the work they engage in. The fact that most employees stay at the company for an average of four and a half years - which is normally unheard of in the consulting field -  just goes to show that the challenging work and great culture go hand-in-hand.

People-Centric Culture

At Sasserath Munzinger Plus, they understand the value of investing in their employees’ personal and professional development. One such initiative is the weekly “SM+ Macht Schule” (“SM+ goes to school”) talks on Mondays, where speakers from various industries and backgrounds are invited to the office, giving the team new impulses, broadening current perspectives and challenging their personal horizons. For employees looking to further their studies, the company supports them financially and with their flexible work schedule policy, be it through home-office or lowering work hours to study part-time.

Steep Learning Curve

Stepping into Sasserath Munzinger Plus on your first day might be a shocker, as you’re tasked with a lot of responsibilities from the get-go that takes you out of your comfort zone. The fast-paced atmosphere can be demanding but the company’s value of unified collaboration enables team members to fall back on an ecosystem of support to aid them through their tasks. Whether it’s through frequent project recaps, bi-annual performance and goal analyses or informal mentorship programs, everyone is encouraged to proactively drive and achieve their goals. This allows employees to enhance their skills with each new project, and thus align with the company’s ideal of shaping interns and employees into the next generation of partners.

Family-like Atmosphere

People and culture are inseparable at Sasserath Munzinger Plus, and so time and effort are spent to ensure that all potential employees are a right fit for the company culture. That’s probably why you’ll hear a lot of laughs shared in the office throughout the work day. The dedication to cultivating a culture around its people has created a family-like community at work who enjoy each other’s company even outside the office. Gin Fridays and birthday celebrations (where off-pitch singing is made up for with enthusiasm) are just some of the staff’s favourites. For the company’s 10th anniversary, the whole team was flown to Silicon Valley, where they were able to experience the world’s top innovators first hand.   

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