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Mina Kleid

Mobile Developer/Product Owner
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“Netlight is a platform where individuals can grow, learn new technologies and get exposure to different industries.”

“I am Netlight”

On Mina’s first project as a Netlighter, he saw the direct impact his personal actions had on the company. His success in delivering high-quality work as the sole Netlighter at the client highlighted the value of Netlight’s brand of consultancy, resulting in seven Netlighters currently working at the same company on new projects. Through this, he came to understand the slogan, “I am Netlight” - that as a Netlighter, he influences the client’s perception of the company.


Netlighters bring their diverse backgrounds and cultures to the company and are all connected by their willingness to help each other. The friendliness and smiles Mina received on his first day was just a taster of the open and cooperative climate he has come to associate with Netlight. His shared belief in the expression “1+1=3” governs the collaborative spirit at work - the understanding that the sum of teamwork is greater than that of working individually.

“The biggest perk is having connections all over the world and 1300+ colleagues you know you can rely on”

Meet Netlight Employees

Sara Frisk

Agile Coach/Product Owner

As a certified Scrum master and with her background as a developer, Sara works with engineers to develop software to solve her clients’ needs.
Alexander Ernst

Full Stack Developer

As a full stack developer, Alexander works together with his clients' teams to develop complex A/B tests to get a comprehensive understanding of the user's needs.
Jan Carsten Lohmüller

Backend/DevOps Engineer

Jan Carsten drives knowledge sharing at his clients' teams to deliver sustainable long-term solutions that are catered to their needs.

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    IT Consultant

    Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Kopenhagen, Zürich