The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is the leading digitization unit of the Lufthansa Group and the interface of the world's largest airline group to the Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystems worldwide. Its mission is to create and capture value beyond flying. The team has built up a wide range of capabilities, that allows them to find the right answer to specific opportunities they see in the market: they build and validate new digital business models, initiate partnerships with startups and support Lufthansa Group with investments in relevant tech players.
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Meet Lufthansa Innovation Hub Employees

Nina Klementz

Junior Service and Business Designer

Nina supports the different departments by designing new frameworks to maximize efficiency, and creates workshops to transfer expertise from the Berlin team to the headquarters in Frankfurt.
Niklas Weidmann

Venture Development Manager

Niklas explores business ideas, builds prototypes, and scales the newly launched companies thereafter.
Noah Lenz

Venture Development Intern

Though he dips his hands in various departments, Noah leads the marketing efforts for LIH's latest venture: Rydes.


Embracing The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and freedom, employees are able to pursue their entrepreneurial passion to the fullest. The aspiration to build and spin-off new ventures is built into the DNA of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, enabling their ambitious employees to benefit from the financial and operational upside of being part of the Lufthansa Group, without having to be restricted by tedious corporate processes and stakeholder management.

Pioneering The Future Of Travel And Mobility

This is a team at the forefront of the most sought-after industry at its most exciting time, exploring new relevant opportunities in the industry and converting them into business opportunities. Governed by five main areas: Discover, Build, Partner, Invest and Transform,  Lufthansa Innovation Hub seeks out developments in the travel and mobility industry, invests and partners up with startups, and builds its own ventures. With Transform, their latest capability, the team facilitates Lufthansa Group’s assets and relays the expertise in Berlin back to the HQ in Frankfurt.

Valuing Every Voice

The voice of every employee is valued, and job titles are just that, a name. With its flat hierarchy, the opinion of every team member is of equal importance. Lufthansa Innovation Hub has fostered an environment where all employees are able to articulate their ideas and give valuable input into projects, from the moment you enter the company. The trust and collaboration running through Lufthansa Innovation Hub trickles down to interns as well, they are able to shape tasks and take on full responsibilities of projects, something unheard of in most internship positions.

Welcoming Everyone

Effort and time is put in to make everyone feel at home and part of the team, be it through 1-on-1 sessions with each team member in the onboarding process, a personal mentor or knowledge sharing sessions with other employees. Mornings at the office begin with breakfast in the kitchen over some chit-chat and the team cooks together at mid-day, enjoying lunch on the terrace with each other. Birthdays are a big thing at Lufthansa Innovation Hub, there’s cake, singing, and a crown involved.

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