Searching and Applying

Taking these first steps in the right way will open doors
Skill Up: Networking for Engineers
Even for those with a technical background, networking is vital.
by Markus Dücker
How to Connect with People on LinkedIn (Templates Included!)
Before sending out generic connection requests, see how you can better position yourself to get that request to go from pending to accepted.
by Natalina Pereira
I Hacked My Way to Working for the CEO of Google and Billion-Dollar Startups. Here's how.
TalentSpace co-Founder Jason Reich explains why if you want to get a foot in the door at your dream company and stand out from the crowd, you should follow these tried and true steps.
by Jason Reich


Learn how to ace the interview and be the best version of yourself
What to Do When You Have Been Ghosted After a Job Interview
Don't let your imagination run wild. There are many reasons you might not have heard anything and there's action you can take to figure things out.
by Marco Eylert
Prep Time! – Researching a Company Before an Interview
Your interview is your time to shine, and with the right research, you’re going to set yourself apart from the other candidates.
by Marco Eylert
How to Follow up If You're Still Waiting to Hear from an Interview
Still waiting to hear back from an interview? Here’s a follow-up email template that could give you an edge.
by Marco Eylert


Helping you navigate one of the trickiest aspects of the job search
Figure out How Your Salary Compares
There are more questions than answers available when it comes to negotiating salaries. While we don't have a sure-fire way of guaranteeing the right figure to ask for, here's some advice on what you should keep in mind.
by Jason Reich
How to Withdraw Your Application Without Burning Bridges
Carrying on in the interview process for a job you don't feel excited about is never a good idea, instead getting out early and maintaining a good relationship with the hiring manager could be the smarter move.
by Marco Eylert
10 Tips to Negotiate a Better Job Offer
It's going to take some practice but here's how you can become an expert negotiator.
by Jason Reich

On the Job

After you’ve secured your dream job, it’s time to work out how to excel
How to Deal With a Dominant Colleague
It's inevitable, somewhere along our career, we'll come across an opinionated colleague who might be more harmful than helpful.
by Natalina Pereira
3 Great (And Free) Productivity Apps
Even the most organized of us could do with help from these apps to free up headspace and clue in on the more important tasks.
by Natalina Pereira
Home Office like a Pro
How to be at the height of efficiency even at your cosiest.
by Natalina Pereira