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If you’re hungry for the startup experience, but also like the idea of working for a more established company with a proven name and track record, then digital labs hit the sweet spot between these two options. 

Digital labs can take a variety of forms. They can be innovation labs, company builders, accelerators, and incubators. Labs vary in size and scope, from small, grassroots style fab labs up to larger, corporate-backed entities. In recent years, the number of digital labs in Berlin has mushroomed dramatically. 

Of the 30 German DAX companies, none have their head office in Berlin. For these major companies, setting up a digital lab in Berlin provides an ideal way to connect with the city’s vibrant startup scene and to foster the kind of environment that breeds innovation. In these labs, digitization is at the forefront of the action. Companies can work on products, services, and ideas that are outside of the core business, or come up with new and creative ways to improve their offerings. 

Companies fill these labs with like-minded people, forming a mix of employees, mentors, and more senior corporate. The aim is to foster the attitude of the startup world while staying under the umbrella of the overall company.

Here’s a selection of the digital labs that we think are getting it right and on the lookout for new talents. Read up and reach out.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Rather than being the type of innovation hub that incubates or accelerates other companies, Lufthansa Innovation Hub is instead focused on finding new business opportunities that arise on the interface between the company’s operations and the global tech travel scene. At LIH, they identify and analyze what these new business opportunities are and then rapidly convert them into new business for the company – a great example of how a startup mindset can be used to solve problems and create opportunities. Read more about LIH and see their open positions in our company profile.

Porsche Digital Lab

Up and running since 2016, Porsche Digital Lab fully embraces the digital transformation. A team of tech and software experts and scientists work alongside each other to tackle the question of how innovations in areas such as machine learning, micro services and cloud technologies and the Internet of Things can be applied to the work of Porsche. Berlin provides the ideal location for bringing together this dynamic mix of disciplines.

Volkswagen Digital:Lab

The VW digital lab is at the forefront of Volkswagen’s mission to change the company from a classic car manufacturer into a modern IT company. The VW Berlin lab has the exact kind of atmosphere and environment that you would expect from a new startup, and it is filled with software developers and product designers. It’s a far cry from the assembly-line image most people have in mind when they think of Volkswagen. This is the place to be if you want to work at the forefront of the digitization revolution that the automobility is experiencing.


This digital lab and innovation space was developed by the German “mittelstand” (mid-sized) company, Viessmann. One of the overall aims of the venture is to bring together other German mittelstand companies together in the same space. This creates an environment designed to foster long-term collaborations and to help companies build sustainable solutions for the future. It’s a relatively new venture, and one that will provide a great cooperative space for larger German companies.

Spielfeld Digital Hub

This digital hub is a joint venture between German management consultancy Roland Berger and Visa Europe. It’s located in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, and offers the ideal place for these two companies to interface with the Berlin startup world. Digitization is at the heart of the hub, and it offers an environment that fuels innovation.

For the opportunity to meet with some of these companies in person, apply to Berlin Talent Day.

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