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Having those precious home office days are a godsend - you’ve basically eliminated your commute time, have less distractions around you, and can also ensure that you’re there to receive those online shopping deliveries. As more companies incorporate a home office culture (or the option to work from home at least once a week) into their employee benefit package, here are our top tips on how to bring your office productivity into your home. 

Create a ritual to start and end the workday

Most people start their day in the office with coffee and catching up with colleagues, a simple but effective routine to kick off the morning (at TalentSpace, we begin each morning with a stand-up meeting). However, that clear signifier is lost when you work from home. Try ending your workday by creating a To-Do list for the next morning, and start each morning by reviewing this list. A short meditation session in the mornings could be both a ritual and also a way to clear your mind before getting into the thick of things.

Work in separate (and clean) spaces

If you have the luxury of a spare guest room or a workroom at home that you could use only for your home office days, know that you’re the envy of most people. For the rest of us, working from home usually means anywhere in your apartment that’s the most conducive and on any surface that’s available. Most importantly, make sure your desk is decluttered; space to work also means space to breathe and think. You’d also benefit from restricting work to specific spaces - working in bed can be a little too comfortable as your body associates your bed with sleep rather than work, decreasing your productivity.

Take a breather

When you feel your attention span getting shorter, take a breather to give your brain a rest. Whether it’s reading a book, making yourself a cup of tea or just doing absolutely nothing for two minutes, your brain will thank you when you get back to work after. 

Natalina Pereira
Senior Operations Manager | TalentSpace

Natalina shares advice and best practices gained from working with our community of incredible talents and collaborating with recruiters from our partner companies on a day-to-day basis.