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Our Cologne Talent Night is coming up on Thursday, December 12, so we thought it was the ideal opportunity to shine a light on some of the hottest Cologne-based companies that are hiring right now.


Founded in 2013, Chronext has built itself up to become the go-to online platform for luxury watches. It offers the opportunity to buy and sell luxury watches as well as maintenance and restoration services for timepieces. It even has dedicated “watch hunters” who can help to seek out rare watches on behalf of customers. Chronext is headquartered in Cologne with additional offices throughout Germany and even a number of international outposts, such as its London and Hong Kong offices. The Cologne HQ has a range of modern perks and company benefits, like a free e-Scooter and regular team trips. 

The Cologne office is currently open to Initiative Applications, so hit them up.


There was a time when the potential of AI technology was only accessible to those with huge amounts of computing power at their disposal. Now, AI is at the fingertips of millions, and companies like DeepL are playing an important part in this shift. In 2017, the company launched the DeepL language translator, a machine translation system that uses neural networks and architecture to produce extremely high quality translations. Their mission is to make AI products available to everyone, which is an incredibly cool goal. 

If you’re a Senior Backend Developer, there’s a job waiting for you.


Every internet user has experienced the annoyance of loud, intrusive ads popping up on their screen unexpectedly or unwelcome rollover ads. This has led to people using ad blockers, the downside to which is that publishers often rely on advertisements to pay for their production and to survive. Eyeo to the rescue! The company is helping to shape the future of the internet by providing a method for publishers to monetize their content and for users to control their web experience in a sustainable way. 

If creating a better web experience is your jam, there’s an opening for an iOS Developer


As many business owners know, promoting and managing your business often takes up considerably more time than the delivery of your service. This is especially true for fitness providers and studios. Sometimes it seems like yoga teachers have to spend 90% of their time on Instagram and 10% teaching. Fitogram offers a comprehensive software solution that helps to solve this problem. Its FitogramPro app enables fitness providers to manage their studio with ease, while also allowing fitness buffs to find and book sports classes in their area. 

Passionate about fitness and tech? Fitogram is currently looking for an ETL Engineer.


Let’s face facts: real estate agents are not well-liked, and very few people have anything good to say about them and their processes. Homeday is here to take that perception and drop kick it out of park. Their pitch is to be a next generation real estate agent by making the process easier, cheaper, more transparent, and rooted in the digital world. The goal is to reduce the amount of commission customers have to pay and improve the service. Understandably, people are loving this approach and Homeday currently boasts more than 50,000 registered potential buyers. 

Are you interested in being part of a real estate revolution? Then apply for the open position as a Ruby On Rails developer.

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