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Working at startups have become a popular career route for fresh graduates and young professionals over the last few years. So much so that startups are inspiring big corporations to redesign their own culture and way of working. So, what exactly does it take to work and blossom in a startup? Before you find out if a startup environment is suitable for you, explore the culture, people and work of some startups present on TalentSpace

1. Do you enjoy independence in your work?

Startups, especially at the early-stage, tend to require employees who are proactive in their approach and can work autonomously with little hand-holding. People who thrive when working independently and have the ability to structure their own tasks are often a great fit for working in a startup environment. 

2. Are you quick to adapt?

If the startup world had a slogan, it’ll be that nothing is set in stone. The cliche “change is the only constant” is very much true for almost all startups. Business models, projects and target audiences can change within a day and you have to be able to drop projects you’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on to start anew. While it may take some getting used to, you’re constantly learning new skills and gathering knowledge that will come in handy later on. 

3. What support systems do you need to achieve your goals?

Most startups take an independent “learning-by-doing” approach to things, that means you have to be ready to be thrown into the deep end and figure out a way to get to the surface. One of the best things about that is the responsibility and freedom you have to plan tasks and approach projects the way you see fit. Plus, you have colleagues and direct access to founders who will be able to impart knowledge, if you seek them out.

4. Do you know what you want to do?

Working in a startup is such an eye-opening experience, you’re given the opportunity to get involved in a lot of projects and areas you weren’t hired for - it’s perfect for people who aren’t too sure what positions they’d want to commit to just yet. Startups give you time and the chance to immerse yourself in various departments and job functions that you otherwise would not have heard of or thought you’d be a good fit for. You could discover a hidden talent as a master negotiator in B2B Sales or find out that you’re an excellent Project Manager.

The startup world is a great place to challenge yourself and expand your capabilities. You’re learning so much on a daily basis and being exposed to the inner workings of starting a company, it’s a valuable experience for anyone, in any phase of their career.

Jason Reich
Co-Founder | TalentSpace

Jason is a co-founder of TalentSpace, where he keeps himself up at night thinking of new and innovative ways to make recruiting an enjoyable and fruitful experience for everyone. He's worked on the international expansion of US-startups, Casper and HotelTonight (acquired by Airbnb), and was also on the Value Creation team of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's VC, Innovation Endeavors. He graduated from Bocconi University.

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