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You may have spent days preparing for your interview; reading up on the company to ensure that you’re ready for any questions your interviewer is going to throw at you. But keep in mind that an interview is also for you to figure out if the company is a good fit your career goals.

Before heading into the interview, jot down some questions that will give you more insight into the company and its culture. We’ve pulled together questions on different themes to give you a head start:

About the Job

1. What specific traits are you looking for in a new hire to be truly successful in this position?
2. What is the biggest challenge someone in this position is likely to face?
3. Is this a new role that has been created, if so, what gaps were you trying to fill when you created the position?

About the Team

4. Can you tell me more about the team I’ll be working with and who I’ll be reporting directly to?
5. What is the common career path for someone in this department?

About Professional Development Opportunities

6. What opportunities are there for professional development in your company?
7. How will I be trained for this position?
8. Where did the person who previously held this job move on to in the company?

About Your Performance

9. Is there a performance review process in the company? And how often will I be formally reviewed?
10. What are the performance targets for this position over the next year?

About the Interviewer

11. How long have you been in the company?
12. What do you enjoy most about working here?

About the Culture

13. Would you describe the team and work culture as collaborative or independent?
14. What kind of team events are organised here and what was the last team event you participated in?
15. Do you have a favourite company tradition?

About the Company

16. What are you most excited about for the future of the company?
17. How does this department’s work directly affect the company’s goals and current targets?
18. Could you tell me more about the plans for growth and expansion?

About the Next Steps

19. What are the next steps in the interview and hiring process?
20. Do you have any concerns about my background being a good fit for this position?

Most of these questions would naturally be covered in the course of your interview so you shouldn’t be rattling these off. Instead, use them as a starting off point so that you’re not fumbling to come up with something when the “Do you have any questions?” part of the conversation pops up towards the end of your interview.

Jason Reich
Co-Founder | TalentSpace

Jason is a co-founder of TalentSpace, where he keeps himself up at night thinking of new and innovative ways to make recruiting an enjoyable and fruitful experience for everyone. He's worked on the international expansion of US-startups, Casper and HotelTonight (acquired by Airbnb), and was also on the Value Creation team of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's VC, Innovation Endeavors. He graduated from Bocconi University.