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Career StoriesHow Tarek Müller Built Hamburg's First Unicorn
Talentspace co-founder Jason Reich sits down with ABOUT YOU's Tarek Müller to talk about the pressures and pleasures of being a young founder, Tarek's tips and tricks for shaping your career, and the worst career advice Tarek ever received.
by Jason Reich
Career StoriesWhy There’s No Such Thing as a Typical Day for a McKinsey Consultant
Lennart Koch of McKinsey & Company sits down to explain what's behind his coveted title, as well as tips for picking the best school and landing a consultancy role.
by Marco Eylert
Career StoriesHow This LSE Grad Juggled Launching a Fast-Growing Startup Alongside His Studies
David Handlos of Stocard spills the beans on how he and his co-founders took Stocard from a side-project at university to a US$20 million-funded startup.
by Natalina Pereira
Career StoriesWhat It's Like Being an Early Employee at a Hyper-Growth Startup Backed by Top Tier Silicon Valley VCs
Since joining Choco as their 10th employee, Julius Hoffman has quickly taken on more responsibilities at the startup that's changing the gastronomic landscape globally.
by Marco Eylert
Career StoriesWhy I Quit a Well-Paid Google Job to Pursue My Startup Dreams
Julian Lehr left a job at the world's most desirable tech company to go down the founder's path. Now he's circled back to tech heavyweight, Stripe, experiencing the best of both worlds as Startup Partner Lead, and loving it.
by Marco Eylert

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