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Career StoriesHow Uber's First German Intern is Now Transforming Healthcare
Maikel Kletsel made his mark as Uber's first intern in Germany, but working in healthcare was in his blood. Now he's transforming the industry as Strategic Projects Consultant for HealthTech startup medneo.
by Jason Reich
Career StoriesWhat it's Like to Work an Entry-Level Job at Facebook
Linnea Bergmann, Partner Manager at Facebook, reveals what life is like working in the social media giant, what her role entails, and why they are such a good employer.
by Jason Reich
Career StoriesHow to Make it as Software Engineer for Silicon Valley Streaming Giant Netflix
Vince Bello on how his career led him to be a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, what skills and qualities you need for the job, and how you can break into the industry.
by Marco Eylert
Career StoriesHow This Google Account Strategist Turned a Passion for Digital Technolgy Into a Career
Simone Ravalli talks us through the decision points that led him along his digital career path to becoming an Account Strategist at Google.
by Jason Reich
Career StoriesThis Venture Capital Associate Shatters the Myths that Surround the Industry
Björn Loose, Venture Capital Associate at Cavalry Ventures, knows that VC can seem like it's just celebrating funding rounds, but behind the scenes, it's a lot of hard work.
by Marco Eylert

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