Pitch Please: How to Ace the "Tell me about yourself" Question

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who have honed the skill of answering the dreaded “Tell me about yourself.” question in interviews, and then, there’s the rest of us. How well you nail this opening question will probably set the tone for your interview. Make your first (in-person) impression count and use this guide to craft an amazing pitch for your upcoming interview.

Tell a story, quickly.

The aim is to show your interviewer why you’re the right person for the job. You’d want to create a narrative that ties up what you’re currently doing, what you did, and what you want to do. 

Substantiate your story with skills you’ve gained

Focus on actual skills you’ve picked up at your current and previous jobs, tie them to projects and learning points you’ve personally experienced. Ensure that these are skills relevant to the position you’re interviewing for.

Focus on the future

Lastly, sum up why you’re the best candidate for this position and what personal milestone(s) you’re hoping to achieve at this position. 

Here’s what it could end up sounding like:

As a Marketing & Communication Associate, I develop the company’s social media communication strategies to increase our brand visibility, from conceptualising campaigns, producing content to evaluating their successes. Having started as a PR intern in same company two years ago, my experience in drafting press briefs and conducting online research provided a strong foundation for what I do now. While I still very much enjoy the work, I’m looking to expand my skill set and challenge myself in this particular area. Working at an agency like yours where I can flex my creative muscles and work on several accounts at the same time is precisely why I’m so excited about this position.

While preparation is important, you want to avoid sounding like a robot reading off a memorized script. So have fun with it, and use this as a guideline for talking points. If appropriate, inject a little personality and share some relevant stories, that’s also going to help you relax and lessen the nervous energy in the room.

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