Job Search Advice for Fresh Graduates

You’ve just gotten used to the rigor of university only to realise that your final semester is coming to a close. The job search starts... now! Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. 

1. Clean up your socials

The video of your beer chugging skills on Facebook and posts of your nights out with friends on Instagram are going to overshadow the CV and cover letter you spent days crafting. It’s good practice to set your social media accounts to private, google yourself to see what search results pop up and if there’s anything damaging, try having it removed.

2. Get a professional email address

The days of having a funny or silly email address with your pet’s name or nickname are over. Set up an email address with your first and last names, preferably one that’s dedicated to just job hunting. Plus points for adding an email signature with your contact information and LinkedIn URL.

3. Yes, you need a LinkedIn account

It’s no longer news that recruiters and companies are using social media channels like LinkedIn to source for potential candidates. LinkedIn is also a great way for you to reach out to your network to find out what job opportunities there are out there and to get in touch with recruiters directly. 

4. Do your research 

Almost every company is hiring, not just the big ones. It’s often much easier to break into smaller companies, but they are harder to find. 

5. Network, network, network

Don’t forget about the offline opportunities available to expand your network. There are plenty of networking events happening every week in your city, from Women in Tech talks, hackathons organized by the very companies you want to work for or even free weekly lectures happening around the city. These events are a great way to meet people in your desired field, and build connections that might get you ahead of the job search.

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