How to Connect with People on LinkedIn (Templates Included!)

LinkedIn is a game changer in the job hunt. But even though it’s become the go-to platform, sending out a connection request to someone you’ve never met or only met once can still be quite stress-inducing. Fret not, we’ve got some helpful templates to make sending that connection request a little easier.

Someone from your university alumni network

This is a great network to tap on if you’re looking to gain more insight into what working in specific industries or companies will be like. There’s a high likelihood that these connections requests will be accepted as most people feel a strong affiliation to their alma maters.

Dear [name],

I recently entered the alumni network of [name of your university], and as a [name of your major] graduate looking to enter your industry, I’d love to connect with you. If you have some time, I’d be really excited to hear about your work at [name of their company]. 

[Your name]

Speaker you met at a conference/industry event

Conferences are the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network in a specific area of industry. You’re in a space with the industry’s top players as well as with people from a variety of companies and positions all related to your field. 

Dear [name],

It was really nice meeting you at the [name of conference]. I especially enjoyed hearing you speak about [topic] and would love to stay in touch to see what other exciting things you’re going to do in that field.

[Your name]

Recruiter in your dream company

This is probably the one that would make you the most nervous. Ideally, you’d have a mutual connection or reference a post they’ve published on LinkedIn for an open position.

Dear [name],

I came across your post on LinkedIn (turns out we both know [name of connection]) and I wanted to reach out to see if the specific skills [name of company] is looking for matches my background. I’ve been in the [name of industry] field for the last [number of years] and would love to chat about new opportunities to challenge myself.  


[Your name]

Sending a personalized message along with your connection request will make all the difference – nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a half-baked and generic approach. Give your desired connection more reason to smash that blue accept button and decrease the chances of being flat-out ignored.

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