Why Career Fairs Matter In Hiring Top Talents

Career fairs are still a vital platform to engage today's top digital talents and enhance your employer brand. Find out why this is the go-to channel for career exploration for top millennial talents.

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Are career events and career fairs still important and relevant? To cut a long story short: Yes, they are. According to a recent study by StepStone, for a whopping 73% of all millennial job seekers, attending a career event is the preferred channel to learn about professional opportunities and companies. For a generation that values personalization and authenticity above everything else, the importance of meeting you and your colleagues face-to-face cannot be emphasized enough.

You should obviously be present where your target audience is and where they search for information. But what exactly can you get out of attending a career fair? Let’s have a look at the different benefits for you as an employer. 

Increase Brand Visibility and Get Discovered by Talents

Career fairs are a great platform to get your company’s brand out there and make talents aware of your company. Especially for companies in the early stages, but also for bigger companies without big brand recognition, participating in a career fair is a helpful first step in increasing your brand visibility, getting in direct contact with talents to make them aware of the incredible job opportunities you offer.

Change Your Brand Perception

Even if everyone knows you, your brand perception might not be the greatest, whether it’s because your company has taken a hit by recent events or bad PR. Participating in an interactive recruiting event where you can thoroughly engage and network with talents - for example, through formats like workshops or insight sessions, or even by just talking to them on a personal level - can help to change the perception talents have about your company. By genuinely opening up, being relatable, and offering the chance for direct contact and interaction, you will positively improve your brand perception for the network of students, graduates and job seekers you’re trying to attract.

Fill Your Hiring Pipeline 

By showcasing who you are and what you stand for, talents will take notice and approach you. Converting these conversations into leads and filling your hiring pipeline with relevant and high-quality talents can be achieved through a successful career fair. Furthermore, your hiring pipeline will also profit in the long-term, as passive candidates who attend these events for career inspiration or to explore available career opportunities will keep you in mind and might reach out to you at a later stage.

Hire At The Event

Some career events even offer on-site interviews as part of the program. These can be scheduled prior to the event, so you might actually hire a candidate directly at the event. This strategy is helpful for companies that need to fill their vacancies quickly because of their fast growth. 

It’s the Type of Career Event That Matters

Not all career events are created equal, and not all offer you all these benefits at once. Based on your employer needs and recruitment strategy, you should carefully analyze and benchmark what type of career fairs or recruiting events will provide the biggest benefit and yield the highest success for your company. If chosen and done right, participating in a career event can be a great element of your employer branding strategy and subsequent recruiting activities.

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